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Команда форума
Clan System

The clan is created immediately by the 5th level.
You can create a clan and put a full clan crest with an alliance, participate in the capture of the castle and so on, without unnecessary haemorrhoids, all clans start on equal terms, without the need to farm tents for items and increase the clan level - this is in the past.

Clan Reputation (сrp)

Clan reputation - The main indicator for the rating of clans, the rating of all clans is based on it.
Clan reputation cannot decrease, it only increases, depending on your activity and contribution to the faction.
Clans that have reached the top 10 by clan reputation will receive a reward in monetary terms in more detail in this thread:
Promotion - "1700$ for the best clans"

The clan rating can be viewed on the website in this section:


Clan reputation you can get:

1.PvP made by the clan per day (description below)

2.Clan skills (description below)

3. Participation in the siege +10 crp for each participant at the end

4. Holding the fortress +2 crp every minute (120 per hour, 2880 per day)

5.Cast castle +500 crp, (which already belongs to the clan, not neutral)

Clan Skills:

Clan skills are now learned only for blood crystals and do not require crp, but on the contrary, for each skill you learn you get a clan reputation.

1 level of skill = +500 crp, requires 25 crystals

2 skill level = +750 crp requires 40 crystals

3 skill level = +1000 crp requires 55 crystals

Such clan skills as clan running and others now work for the entire clan, and not only for the heroes and the clan leader.

Blood crystals have been removed from Donat Shop.

Blood crystals are obtained only from a mini boss in fortresses (1-3 pcs, respawn 3 hours) and Raid Bosses are described in more detail in this thread:

"Reward Raid and Epic Bosses"

PvP made by the clan per day:

Once a day "Bank" KRP will be allocated and divided into all clans.

Depending on the number of pvp clan stuffed per day, everyone will receive an equivalent reputation.

If a clan fought for a weak faction during these days, it will receive more reputation with a + 30% bonus. (this will be described in more detail in a separate topic - Faction Balance)
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